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On behalf of the entire church, I want to wish our Father, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills a Happy Father’s day. What a precious gift the Lord has blessed us with as a family. How blessed we are that the pastor of thousands, the bestselling author, the healing evangelist and a General of our time is our father. Our inheritance as his children is really great.

Thank you Bishop Dag for being a great Father to us. Thank you for your covering, your leadership, your instructions through preaching and teaching, and your guidance. Thank you for obeying the call of God and giving us all the opportunity to serve the Lord. Thank you for being our pastor.

God bless you Bishop. We love you so much.

Bishop Isaac Commey


Our Mission


1. To build 25,000 churches


2. To have Churches in 150 countries


3. To fight fiercely and relentlessly in all battles for the advancement of the churches and the Gospel


4. To produce radical Christians who work for God


5. To go to heaven and to hear Jesus say - "Well done, good and faithful servant"